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January 27, 2020

These 5 Habits Are Destroying Your Productivity

“Reach your goals now by being consistent.” We’re often bombarded by this type of messaging. This advice seems simple right? Sure, but staying focused and productive seems to be a challenge for most entrepreneurs.

If you’re venturing into the property market or starting a property business, it’s important that you stay focused on what needs to be done.



Stay the course

Is it possible to stay focused 100% of the time? With the right routine, it is. Let’s take a look at five habits that could be ruining your productivity levels – and find out how you can remedy the situation.

“Dedicate timeslots to certain activities each day.”

1. You’re unable to prioritise your to-do list

You’re unable to prioritise your to-do list

You’re excited to get the day started but your mind is buzzing with a million things to do. From finding your ideal investment property to dealing with the admin of finances – it’s difficult to distinguish important steps because everyone has their own strategy. Sometimes, your to-do list will be too much and it’s easy to just avoid it.

The first step is to write everything down – it doesn’t matter if they appear in order. Once you have a visual of what needs to be done, you can prioritise the importance of each task.



2. You can’t manage your time

You can’t manage your time

Our experts will tell you that dedicating enough time to your property investment business is vital to its success. You may have your to-do list figured out but soon you’ll realise that some tasks demand more time than others. Before you know it, you’ve spent five hours researching a neighbourhood and spending less time on finding finance.

Dedicate timeslots to certain activities each day. This will help you be more productive, especially if you’re pressed for time. If you’re only working on your property business for five hours per day, then allot an hour to maybe five important tasks. The time limit will ensure you’re getting a lot done instead of scrolling the internet. Speaking of mindless browsing…

“…avoid the websites that you frequently visit.”

3. You’re not focused enough

You’re not focused enough

There’s an app for everything and as a property entrepreneur, you can basically conduct all your admin online. The internet makes things easier but it’s also very challenging to avoid falling down the rabbit hole. Suddenly, you’re adding items to a cart and you’ve not done a stitch of work.

It’s not just the internet that helps you lose focus. It could be family members or friends that demand your attention. Once you’re finally focused, you’re unproductive or tired.

There are apps on the internet that will block certain websites for you and provide you with an overview of how your time is spent:

  • StayFocused is a browser extension that helps you limit the amount of time you spend on certain websites. You control the number of hours you’d like to stay off the web.
  • RescueTime highlights the areas of the day you’re spending the most time on. By understanding how you spend your time, you’ll be able to have more control.
  • Mindful Browsing provides you with gentle nudges when you’re visiting a website that you’re not supposed to. The Chrome extension will instead provide you with alternatives that can help with your productivity.

This will help you avoid the websites that you frequently visit – so, say goodbye to social media and online shopping…for a few hours.

Also, remove all distractions (like your phone) and work in a space that will help you stay focused.



4. You hesitate and procrastinate

You hesitate and procrastinate

You have your plan put in place but you’re having doubts about everything. In the end, you procrastinate and avoid your to-do list. Soon, the property you had your eye on has been purchased or the great offer you received from the bank has been rescinded.

People procrastinate because they fear the outcome. However, how will you know if you never try? Knock one task off your to-do list today. After every task completed, you’ll feel euphoric and confident enough to achieve anything.

“…remember to rest.”

5. You’re not resting

You’re not resting

You’ve been going full steam ahead when it comes to your business and you’re getting ahead of your task list. However, you’re becoming more tired and despondent. You’re starting to lose passion for your business and forgetting why you’ve started in the first place.

It’s great that you’re giving 100% to your business but remember to rest. While working eight hours is admirable, you need a break during the day to reset your mind. Even a day off just to revitalise can be helpful. Having a proper work/life balance is key to the success of your property business.

Ready to focus?

There are various techniques and tools available to help you focus and stay productive. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll become a productivity hack – and perhaps become a property investor faster than intended.

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