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Retha Van Rooyen

FFA mother of three with almost no experience in property, triumphs in the eye of adversity to become a successful full-time property investor.

Retha Van Rooyen was fairly new to property investment when she began her journey in September 2016. 

Working for almost 20 years in the IT experience, Retha always believed that it was expensive to buy properties and that making a good profit from rental income was nearly impossible. The only property investment she had made was her own home, buying her parents’ home and a flat for her mom to live in.

She really started thinking about her financial future when she fell pregnant with her third child and when her mother was diagnosed with Leukemia. She knew she couldn’t afford a decent life for her children and her mother. Using this as her motivation, Retha started looking for opportunities. After missed opportunities (a very labour intensive rabbit farm and a failed kiddies ride machine business she saw an advertisement for a free seminar preview on property investment and the rest is history.

Today, she has managed to build little complex of 6 townhouses, a property flip, and established a rental income company that focuses on high yielding multi-tenanted properties, with a minimum profit of R15 000 per month per property.

She is also now a full-time property investor.

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