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A Business owner turned failure into lessons and now owns a successful property business.

Sylvia Milosevic is a prime example of how the Think and Grow Rich philosophy can work for anyone.

She is a firm believer in the Think and Grow Rich philosophy and has studied and applied the principles with discipline throughout her career  and in all her new business ventures.

After seeing the positive impact materialise in her property investments specifically, with a higher success rate and greater returns, she decided to share her story with other investors looking to do the same. Today, she is a partner in Wealth Alliance, a wealth creation and education business that inspires and transforms people, processes and profit. Think and Grow Rich: A Lifetime of Riches in Property is the leading Wealth Alliance program to launch in South Africa.

Meet Sylvia

Growing up in Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria, Sylvia is a successful businesswoman, wife and mother to beautiful twins.

Her first property investment was in 2005. It was a roller coaster ride, and after a few years, Sylvia decided to attend a property workshop and looked for a mentor. The training changed her life. She received the tools, system and support and went from negative yielding properties to being a specialist in buying distressed properties from auctions and distressed sellers, refurbishing them and flipping to raise capital.

Today She Uses These Strategies: Buy To Lets, Multi-lets, Buy And Sell To Raise Capital, Buy Land To Develop For Cashflow and Buying To Develop And Selling Off-Plan.

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