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Genevieve Jack

From cleaner to business owner, this businesswoman is working towards a financially free life thanks to property investment.

The 4th born in a family of five, Genevieve Jack’s parents didn’t have a lot but they made sure their kids were provided for.

She completed her matric and for the next 20+ years, and would begin the gradual climb from cleaner, cashier, senior management to, eventually, business owner.

Like most families, Genevieve Jack was taught that working and paying a bond for the next 20 years is an accomplishment and just a natural way of life. While this advice worked well for her, Genevieve longed for a challenge.

Genevieve chose property investment because of the challenges it presented and because she needed to know her family would be financially secure in the future; especially her kids. Since journeying into the entrepreneurial space, she has faced many challenges but the fact that she could be providing a financially free life for her family kept her motivated.

 Today, Genevieve works as a life coach, freelance facilitator, author, and keynote speaker. “I focus on what I want and go for it. Easier said than done, I know, but nonetheless, here I am.”

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