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January 8, 2019

Small Upgrades That Make A Big Impact

If you’re trying to update your property to help it sell faster, it’s easy to get caught up in the renovations bug. What does this mean? You’re ready to overhaul the entire property which could be costly.

The good news is that you can make upgrades on a budget! We break down each room in the house and small ‘renovations’ that will keep the home modern.

The living room area
In a standard home, the living room is usually the first area tenants will see when they enter the home. Naturally, you want to ‘wow’ potential tenants/buyers but sometimes less is more. Small upgrades like the following can help amplify the space:

  • Putting up shelves and decorating them with plants and frames. It also adds more space
  • One brick wall as a focal point to give the space a New York-apartment feel.
  • Paint a focal wall in a pastel or bold colour

The kitchen
Besides the bedroom, the kitchen is the one place most people spend the majority of their time in. Instead of kitting it out with granite countertops and installing taps from Italy, something simple should do:

  • Get new tiles for the kitchen floor. Think of patterns that stand out
  • Replacing cupboard doors or taking them off completely. It gives the space an ‘open’ feel
  • Chalkboard paint on one wall to make it seem like you’re in a coffee shop

The bedroom
The sanctuary of the home. Small upgrades that could work well:

  • A string of lights on one well to provide a dreamy ambience
  • Unique shelving that can store ornaments and also help with more space
  • A painted focal wall works well in this area as well

The bathroom
If the bathroom is small, people tend to not include it in the renovation plan but there are small things to do that can help elevate the bathroom:

  • Large mirrors to help with more light and add the illusion of space
  • Add shelving for more space and perhaps add fake plants for decoration
  • Wallpaper as a focal wall

Staging the property is an important part of selling a property and people tend to overspend with renovations and upgrades. These simple tricks could add a modern touch to the home and impress potential buyers or tenants.

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