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January 18, 2019

Landlords Need This Checklist

Property investment is quite the responsibility, but extremely worthwhile. Once you’ve acquired property, you take on the role of landlord. After all, someone needs to occupy your property right?

With the landlord title, comes many responsibilities. This includes property management – unless you’re hiring a company to do that. The problem most landlords have are ‘bad tenants’. These are tenants who usually leave the condition of the property in disarray when they leave. In the end, the landlords are the ones that usually pay for damages.

The checklist below could possibly eliminate this situation. The checklist below includes a ‘conditions before moving in’ and ‘conditions after moving out’. Make sure you also take photos to support your account of the property condition.

For transparency,  show the list to the tenants. When the time comes for them to move out, you and the tenants can read the checklist to assess the property’s condition. This helps for a harmonious relationship between you and future tenants going forward!


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