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January 30, 2020

Introducing The 5 Types Of Property Entrepreneurs

Have you thought about the way you run your property business? Do you have all your tasks lined up for the next month or do you take each day as it comes?

Most property entrepreneurs have similar objectives: make a profit from their portfolio. How they achieve this goal is what sets them apart. To ensure they do this, they’ll display certain personality traits. Meet the five types of property entrepreneurs:



1. The property innovator

The property innovator

You’d assume that all property investors are innovative. Yes, to an extent. To succeed, you need to solve problems in a creative manner. These investors are not doing what everyone else is doing – they’re taking their business one step forward. How do you do this within the property space?

Some will just invest in a property and let it generate a monthly income. This is a great start but ‘the innovator’ will ensure that they have a plan to diversify. Perhaps invest in a mixed-use development that will provide them with a monthly income from commercial and residential property.

How do you know you’re an innovative property entrepreneur?

Creativity is one of the strongest personality traits of the ‘ innovator’, but they also always strive for perfection and they embrace fear. Examples of the ‘ innovator’ include Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and Google’s co-founder and CEO Larry Page.



2. The property hustler

The property hustler

Are you going to wait for an opportunity to rise or are you going out there and creating your own opportunities? The ‘hustler’ knows how to use their time efficiently. If one property deal falls through, you can bet that this property investor has about three more prospects lined up for the week.

Like the ‘innovator’, they’re also not afraid to take risks. The property hustler knows the importance of networking and will attend events that allow them to learn and meet people that may help them succeed in the market.

Famous ‘hustlers’ include Mary Kay Cosmetics founder, Mary Kay Ash and author Zig Ziglar.

3. The property researcher

The property researcher

Do you like to have extensive knowledge before investing? To really explore the neighbourhoods and your options? Then you fall under the property researcher category.

The ‘researcher’ is a property investor who tries to avoid risks at all costs. They’re critical thinkers and love to solve a good problem. Before they find a solution, they will investigate all the options available. This means properly inspecting a potential investment property before any money is spent.

Famous ‘researchers’ include CEO Jeff Bezos and Oracle Corporation co-founder Larry Ellison.



4. The property imitator

The property imitator

This property investor will research other thriving property entrepreneurs and use their success as a blueprint on how to get started. The ‘imitator’ does this because they want to avoid taking big risks. They’ll use the same strategies and may tweak it to fit their needs and objectives.

Some ‘imitators’ are risk-takers – they’ll use a proven business model and perhaps improve on it to give them some ‘edge’ in the market. Examples of famous ‘imitators’ include Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

5. The property solopreneur

The property solopreneur

You’d assume that most property investors work alone but, if you listen to our experts, they’ll suggest that you build a team. However, there are a few investors who like to do everything – a ‘Jack-Of-All-Trades’. This person would handle finances, be the landlord and the marketing manager, etc.

They’re workaholics and very passionate about building a business – their way. Famous ‘solopreneurs’ include digital entrepreneur Neil Patel and Backlinko founder, Brian Dean.

What type of property entrepreneur are you?

It’s important to find your groove as an entrepreneur. If you’re still unsure, we’re able to help. Our free property investment seminars provide you with effective property strategies, that you can tailor to your needs. Whether it’s commercial or residential property, our experts will guide you to success.



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