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January 22, 2020

How To Conquer The 6 Ghosts of Fear



noun – 1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

One in 20 people suffer from social phobias and atychiphobia is one of the most common ones. Those who suffer from atychiphobia have a fear of failure. Because of fear, most people tend to stick within their comfort zone.

The fears that entrepreneurs suffer from the most

In his bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill calls these fears the ‘six ghosts of fear’ – ghosts because while they’re imaginary, they appear very real. Here are the six most common fears faced by entrepreneurs – according to Think and Grow Rich – and how you can “outwit them”.



1. Poverty


Think and Grow Rich was released while the world was recovering from the Great Depression. At the time, risking a stable income for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship seemed like a big risk. Presently, people are still finding it difficult to dip their toes into the self-employment market. They fear that they’ll be left with nothing IF they fail.

“Now, why anybody should be afraid of poverty in a great nation like this where opportunity abounds on every hand is more than I can understand,” Napoleon Hill states in the book.

What Hill teaches us is that we need to have a “success conscious”. This means visualising what will happen if you knew you wouldn’t fail. If you want to invest in two properties this year, try to imagine what your lifestyle would look like if you do invest successfully.

“With negative voices in your head, you’ll find it challenging to achieve your goals.”

2. Criticism


“You’re crazy!”

“Why would you do that?”

“What happens if you don’t do well?”

There are people who will root for you and then there are others who will wait with bated breath to see you fail. The criticism of the latter is what we fear the most.

What is Hill’s stance on criticism? “They cut down your personal initiative. They destroy your imagination. And they make it practically impossible for you to accomplish anything above mediocrity.”

Facing criticism is the most common fear that holds business owners back. What will people think of you? People often criticise you because they’re probably reflecting their own insecurities on you. As difficult as it may be, you need to ignore and move forward. With negative voices in your head, you’ll find it challenging to achieve your goals.

“Don’t give up entirely.”



3. Ill health

Ill health

“The doctors know too well what that fear does. It results in a condition known as hypochondria, imaginary illness.” – Napoleon Hill

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that with all that they’ve achieved, a lot of hard work preceded it – long nights, time away from family and friends, and very minimal rest time. This is enough to scare anyone away but it’s very worth it.

You won’t be able to achieve your goals if you’re doing the bare minimum. Yes, there may be nights with little sleep or days when your body and mind is not connecting. Listen to your body and rest – but don’t give up entirely.

4. Loss of love

Loss of love

This may be similar to criticism. You fear uncertainty because you may disappoint your loved ones, i.e. your family and/or partner. It could be the fear of what they’ll think once they discover your future plans, especially if you’re unsuccessful.

The thought of embarrassing your family members and that they may leave you is enough to discourage you.

These dire circumstances could be your imagination. Your loved ones would like to see you succeed and will stand by you, even if things don’t go your way. If you’re still feeling discouraged, then discussing your fears and hopes could help dispel any uncertainty.

“The thought of dying is meant to spur you on instead of holding you back.”

5. Old age

Old age

We’re obsessed with timelines and achieving milestones by a certain age – marriage, kids, career advancement, etc. Focusing on your age and where you are in life is enough to cause some anxiety – and discourage you from your dreams.

“The real achievements of the world were the results of men and women who had gone well beyond the age of 50, and the greatest age of achievement was between 65 and 75…”, Napoleon Hill once stated.

If you live your life according to what other people think, you’ll end up not living a fulfilling life. Build the career and business you want and you’ll understand what happiness and success truly is.



6. Death


We all fear a visit from the Grim Reaper and even Hill can understand the concept: “It’s the rarest thing in the world to find a person who hasn’t at one time or another been afraid of dying.” However, the thought of dying is meant to spur you on instead of holding you back.

If you do spend time thinking about your death, won’t you want to start living YOUR best life before it happens?

It’s time to build the life of your dreams

We all suffer from a combination of these fears. With the right mindset, you’re able to not only conquer them but be able to achieve your full potential.

Using Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich principles, we’re able to reframe your mindset to help you become a focused business achiever. Book your free seat at any of our seminars today!