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Advantages Of Buying Distressed Properties

Distressed properties often get a bad rep because people get overwhelmed when they realise the amount of work that needs to be put in. It’s why it’s often overlooked by most investors but the experts will tell you that if you’re looking to find a hidden gem, look at distressed […]

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Best Property Investment Strategies

Buy-to-let is not the only type of investment strategy available to you. Wealth Alliance co-founder, Sylvia Milosevic, uses Multi-lets and Buy-and-sell to raise capital to build a profitable property portfolio.   To build a profitable investment, you’re going to need an effective strategy that will help you diversify your portfolio. […]

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3 Books For Real Estate Investors

Reading usually provides us with an escape from our reality. After a long day of work, perhaps you’d like to slay a dragon, fall in love, or solve a crime. In fact, within a couple of hours, you can do all three.   However, these days reading has become less […]

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Rent-To-Own Property In South Africa

Have you ever wanted to test drive a home to see if it suits your needs? With a rent-to-own property, you can. What is rent-to-own? It’s exactly what the name implies: The owner has agreed to sell the property to the tenant on the terms that they agree to a […]

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Investing In Property Abroad

There’s a town in Italy that has been selling houses for over $1. Although the sale comes with terms – the homes are in poor condition and buyers must renovate within three years of purchase – it has put a spotlight on overseas property investment. Popular destinations South Africans are […]

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Different Types of Property Investment

Property experts will tell you that diversifying your property portfolio is the best way to become a property investor. The South African market offers many more opportunities. Today, we look  at how you can start building your property business. For more information about property investment types, book your seat at […]

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How To Become A Property Entrepreneur

The property market in South Africa can offer you many opportunities to become profitable. If you’re using the correct strategies, you could turn this into your sole business – in fact, the country has many moguls who have done just that. What is a property entrepreneur? A property entrepreneur is […]

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How Using Think and Grow Rich Can Help Your Business

There’s a reason that Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hil is still considered one of the best self-improvement and personal development books. From entrepreneurs like Daymond John to Wealth Alliance co-founders Milan and Sylvia Milosevic, the principles outlined in the bestseller has become the blueprint to entrepreneurial success. 82-year-old […]

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