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Landlords Need This Checklist

Property investment is quite the responsibility, but extremely worthwhile. Once you’ve acquired property, you take on the role of landlord. After all, someone needs to occupy your property right? With the landlord title, comes many responsibilities. This includes property management – unless you’re hiring a company to do that. The […]

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Overcoming Self Doubt As An Entrepreneur

Whenever you’re starting something new – usually out of your comfort zone – there’s always that little voice that questions everything. That voice is self-doubt and is heard by many: entrepreneurs, the best athletes, artists, and possibly the person sitting next to your right now. It’s normal to second-guess your […]

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Small Upgrades That Make A Big Impact

If you’re trying to update your property to help it sell faster, it’s easy to get caught up in the renovations bug. What does this mean? You’re ready to overhaul the entire property which could be costly. The good news is that you can make upgrades on a budget! We […]

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Understanding A Buyer’s and Seller’s Market

If you’re looking to buy a property, you have possibly come across the terms ‘buyer’s and seller’s market’. The infographic below breaks down what to expect when you’re buying property. For more information on buyer’s or seller’s markets, join us at our FREE property seminars, where you’ll find out all […]

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All About Eco-Friendly Properties

Is eco-friendly property the future of real estate? With climate change, people are altering their lifestyles to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s why more people are considering sustainable living when it comes to selecting their future home. What is sustainable living? It’s when you reduce your demand for natural resources […]

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Good Debt vs Bad Debt

72% of South African income is allocated towards paying off debt. In fact, several reports suggest that most South Africans are in arrears with their accounts and loans. It’s understandable that most people have an uneasy relationship with money, and that the word ‘debt’ scares many. However, there are positive […]

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