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About Us

When it comes to long-term wealth creation, we’re on your side.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the business world’s most popular guide to self-improvement. Originally released in 1937, it has helped transform millions of lives, turning budding entrepreneurs around the world into focused business achievers.

Sylvia is property entrepreneur who has incorporated Napoleon Hill’s philosophy into her property investments and has seen excellent results. Today, she owns a multimillion Rand property portfolio. Her story is proof that the Think and Grow Rich philosophy can work for ANYONE.

Working with technology and marketing partners, Sylvia has formed Wealth Alliance, an organisation that empowers individuals to change their perspective on traditional wealth creation.

80 years later, Wealth Alliance has applied the classic rules and discipline of Think and Grow Rich to the sometimes uncertain world of property investment. The result is a clear course of action that guides you through everything you need to know to tap into one of the most profitable investment opportunities available today.

With Wealth Alliance, the buck doesn’t stop at building your profit, but building a winning mindset that will help you further achieve your desires. Increasing your bottom line starts with a complete shift in mindset and developing a new attitude towards your money.

Our training and techniques will leave you ready to conquer whatever you set your mind to, while making sure that your money works hard for you today and smart for you tomorrow.

Along with technology and marketing partners, we’re ready to cultivate a new money philosophy in South Africa.

Our leading seminar is Think and Grow Rich: A Lifetime of Riches in Property. Think & Grow Rich has had a positive global impact among many famous entrepreneurs, Milan and Sylvia included.

This is why they have decided to bring the global teachings to a South African audience and more importantly, adapt it to the property market.

Desire. Commit. Succeed.

Formal education, while important, does not teach you personal drive or DESIRE.

This is where Wealth Alliance steps in. Our aim is to not only educate on wealth creation, but also the mindset that is needed to achieve YOUR goals.

About our seminars.

Apart from learning valuable lessons from the experts, information is provided in a comfortable and open environment allowing you to receive ideas and guidance more clearly. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. Who knows, perhaps you’ll also meet your business partner here.

The reason why most attend seminars is to find their purpose. Using the Think and Grow Rich philosophy, you’ll be able to find out what you desire and how to turn these desires into riches.

Please note there are currently no scheduled or planned live or online events scheduled. We will notify those that have registered! Apologies for the inconvenience.

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