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November 23, 2018

6 Fun Real Estate Facts

Besides property being the most lucrative and best way to invest in your money, it can also be an interesting industry. We take a look at six wacky facts from the world of real estate!

Why do people love weird architecture?

You’ve probably watched a few fashion runway shows and asked yourself: “will someone wear that?” Well, when it comes to real estate you might be thinking the same thing: “why would someone live in that?”. It’s simple really:

It’s unique

It’s the chance to own something unique. Imagine investing in a property like a container home. These structures have taken the country by storm, and a simple container home can cost as little as R100 000. So, besides it being an affordable investment, it’s also different from a property one would usually invest in. What makes this structure so popular is that it’s recyclable and is extremely eco-friendly. In the end, you’re also helping to save the environment.

Do South Africans like living in the bizarre?

While people are amazed by modern architecture – like a Mushroom house or an igloo – it’s not always accessible and accommodating. So, what happens if you want to invest in something that is unique and ‘liveable’?

South Africa’s container trend

Downsizing has become the new way of living for most South Africans. Why? The cost of living is high. Property buyers in the country are usually aged 35 and over and to help with savings, the view that ‘bigger is better’ has been discarded for a more comfortable lifestyle.

Some people like to invest in the container-style of living because it offers no stress – no exorbitant home loans and less maintenance. Other benefits include:

Saving the environment

Today, many people are concerned about the state of the environment. Many architects and builds now take into consideration the types of building materials to use and effective eco alternatives. With container living, you’re not using any new resources but recycled material.

All you need is to make sure you use sustainable building practices. If you pick the right spot, you’ll find greenery that will grow along with your structure. This gives your structure a real woodlands feel. Another bonus, you get to be ‘at one with nature’. Imagine waking up every morning with the sound of birds chirping?

You’re able to customise

You’re able to be creative and free when it comes to building your dream container home. Perhaps you’re looking for a single room or maybe a multi-room. Whatever your heart desires, your new dwelling is where you are allowed to experiment.

What most people do is have one room and have a separate dwelling for the kitchen area. How you customise it depends on what your needs are. If you want to have people over, then you’ll have a big space. If this is the space where you get to be alone, then a small container should suffice.

Easy relocation

What’s the one gripe that most people have when it comes to buying a new house? Moving. If you’re ready to move to another area or close by your original spot, you can just pack up and move – keeping the same structure.

You can invest in a container to use as a sanctuary on your existing property. Kit it out with things that will help you relax and a space to escape the stresses of life.

Perhaps you’d like to live in a castle

Picture large dining halls, picturesque views from large windows, and roaming large green grounds. Could you imagine living in a castle? I bet you can!

The fact that you can live in a French castle that costs less than an Australian apartment is bizarre. But these days, finding a medieval castle is not so strange. Many architects have been inspired by the structures that they have decided to build their own types of castles.

An example is the Lichenstein Castle in Hout Bay, Cape Town, which is based on the Gothic Schloss Lichtenstein Castle in southern Germany. If you had money to invest in a property, would you consider a castle? Well, here are a few benefits to help sway your decision:

Huge spaces

The great thing about castles are the spaces, something you won’t find in a regular house. Castles are usually built on huge grounds which means, you’re surrounded by beautiful greenery. Because of the huge space, most castle structures are used as guest lodges or as an event space.

With a castle, you have many rooms and bonus – a large dining hall. If you like entertaining people, do it medieval style!

Keep it old school

If you’re fascinated by vintage architecture and anything old school, then a castle-type structure should be in your wheelhouse. From chandeliers to high-ceiling structures, you’ll never find architecture like this in other types of houses.

One of the most striking features of a castle are the windows – they’re large and have peculiar shapes.

Extra cash

If you do invest in a castle and you’re not looking to live in it (gasp!), then you could generate an extra income. You can use the castle as a guest lodge and rent it out to holidaymakers. It could also be used as a venue for parties.

Examples of weird buildings

Who says real estate doesn’t have to be fun? Well, there are some extremely weird buildings around the world that are not only fun, but it puts the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’.

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam-Zaandam

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam-Zaandam

Ever wanted to stay in a hotel that looks like a pile of houses? If you’re heading to Amsterdam, then a stay at the Inntel Hotel Amsterdam-Zaandam. The structure is impressive and is a stacking of various traditional houses to be found in the Zaan region. The interior is modern but also highly influenced by the Zaan region.

So, why do people like to stay in this hotel? Besides the quality service, the structure is ‘Instagramable’. More importantly, it provides tourists with an authentic experience once they stay in the hotel.

Free Spirit House in British Columbia, Canada

Free Spirit House in British Columbia, Canada

Again, treehouses are really popular. The Free Spirit House has wooden spheres that hang from trees, cliffs, and other surfaces. It’s marketed as a treehouse for grown-ups and offers a one-of-a-kind getaway. The spherical designs look like fruit hanging from a tree – which again, makes a unique experience.

The camping structure is popular amongst those looking for a camping experience but is in favour of a more glamorous option (‘glamping’).

Mushroom House, New York

Mushroom House, New York

Also known as the Pod House, the structure is a contemporary residence in the town of Perinton, New York. The house is made up of 80 pods which are split into four sections. One pod serves as the living and dining area, one as the kitchen, and two as sleeping areas.

There’s a half pod which serves as a balcony. So, imagine walking out every morning – coffee in your hand and surrounded by nature.

Why real estate can be fun

While property investment should be taken seriously, it can be exciting. Besides helping you generate a second income, the real estate market can be fun:

It helps with creative problem-solving

When we hear the word ‘problem-solving’, we immediately think of Mathematics equations. The truth is, it may not be on top of your fun list but, you get to use the creative side of your brain. That sounds like fun, right? With property investment, you get to brainstorm strategies regarding marketing and how you’ll acquire your property.

You get to shop

Not sure what type of property you’re looking for? This is the best part! You get to shop around. The research is the most exciting part of the property investment journey. The first part would be making a shortlist of the ideal investment would look like. You could let your imagination run wild or analyse what your target market wants.

Once you have all of the above, you can set your sights to driving around and taking your pick of houses on the market. The other great thing about ‘shopping around’ also means that you’ll have a feel of how the market is performing and determine what buyers want.

You’re your own boss

This goes without saying but let’s reiterate it again: you have the chance to say goodbye to your 9-5. Full time property investors have the chance to control their hours and how they run their business. If this is something you’ve dreamed about, then yes, it could be a fun adventure for you.

While in the same breath, we should mention that while it’s an exciting adventure, it’s hard work. If you’re prepared to put in the work, then you’ll likely build a successful business.

Ready to start your fun real estate journey?

Whether it’s fun or serious, starting a property investment business is rewarding. You’ll have the chance to generate an extra income and have fun while doing it. Before you get started, you need a guide. Book your seat at one of our FREE property investment seminars where you’ll discover how to invest in property.

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