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It’s time to build the life of your dreams.

Get ready to Think and Grow Rich in Property, inspired by Napoleon Hill’s original teachings.

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Imagine a lifetime of total freedom.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has helped transform millions of lives, turning budding entrepreneurs around the world into focused business achievers.

We’ve applied the classic rules and discipline of Think and Grow Rich to the sometimes uncertain world of property investment. The result is a clear course of action to help you tap into one of the most profitable investment opportunities available today.

Your story starts here

No matter your experience or background, our property strategies will ensure that you’re well on your journey towards total freedom! 

Find out how we’re empowering individuals and giving them the tools to achieve their goals.

Get ready to expand your mindset and bridge the gap between what you desire and what you can achieve.

You have the power to achieve your goals – let us give you that extra push. Think and Grow Rich teaches you how to reframe your mindset, allowing you to truly believe that your most unimaginable goals are attainable.

Get ready to expand your mindset and create long-term wealth.


What it really means to be FREE

Study, work, buy a house, save for retirement, and relax when you reach 65. This is the traditional path to a happy life for most people.

Others, like you, dream of doing things differently and creating long-term wealth. But have you thought about why you want more money in your life?

What would today, tomorrow or next year look like if you were financially, professionally, completely free?

You’d be able to travel whenever you like, for as long as you want. You could finally become your own boss and never have to take a leave day again. You’d be able to spend time with your family 24/7 and never have to worry about providing for their future.

Once you have your why, all you need is your how. So, get ready to expand your mindset and grow your very own property portfolio. It’s time to build the life of your dreams!

In just 2 hours, you’ll gain inside knowledge on:

  • The areas in South Africa where you’re likely to find the best property deals and what finance strategies will help you finance your investment
  • What ‘good debt’ is and why you should use it as a means of finance
  • How to maximise your opportunities when you negotiate interest rates and credit limits with banks
  • Negotiating skills to use when settling with property sellers
  • How to apply the Think and Grow Rich principles to property and make it a successful business
  • The most profitable property investment strategies in South Africa
  • The right system that will help you build your property wealth

You’ll see real-life examples that demonstrate just how much you can profit from property investment, month after month, year after year.


The proof is in the profits.

Our strategies prove that no matter what state or area the property is in, you can reap the rewards once you envision its potential.

How To Find Property Below Market Value

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Create a revenue stream that never goes away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can do this!

You don’t have to be an expert in property investment. All you need is the DESIRE to achieve your financial goals. The rest will fall into place as we guide you through the steps required to transform your financial and personal success. 

If you’re a buyer, a seller, investor or just considering the idea, our free seminar will provide you with all the right tools to help you make the right choices at the right time.

Please note there are currently no scheduled or planned live or online events scheduled. We will notify those that have registered! Apologies for the inconvenience.

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